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Monday, November 26, 2012

Tobacco Fuels the American Economy...

Now don't get me wrong. I am not encouraging you to start smoking Tobacco. However I will educate you and do my best to inform you on a non-bias level. After all, it is a well known fact that Tobacco helped build the glorious America that we live in today. Personally I have smoked Tobacco for a total of maybe 6 months off and on, not religiously or addictively like most people I've seen. As of last night, I have officially quit smoking and I will have nothing to do with Tobacco in my body ever again. I went to a poker party with some good friends and family members of mine last night. I admit I drank too much and I didn't have anything to eat... I met a new friend named Zach. He uses Wintergreen (Menthol) Dip Tobacco. My father used to use dip when I was younger. One of my best friends even did it in our freshman year of high school. I asked him if I could try it and he let me. I only took a very small pinch. Then I saw him grab a shit load of it though... I mean literally my pinch of Dip was maybe 1/6 or less the size of what he had in his mouth. I had nothing to spit in either... Only my Bud Light beer in my hand and I was too drunk to care to ask...

I quickly left the room and went upstairs to the bathroom... The juices from the dip mixed with alcohol and no food in my stomach = puking out my guts..... Yes I was in pain and I passed out for awhile and slept quite literally outside on the wooden backyard porch. I woke up and thought I was feeling better... I drank some water and ate some chips/tortilla soft shells to absorb it. I went back outside to relax and hang with the poker players... Shortly after I was feeling shitty and worse again... I quickly ran away to the grass in the lawn... I puked even more!! Then slept on the fucking ground in the grass hahahahahahahaha!!! I will tell you this... When it comes to Tobacco and Dip... To each his own! But honestly, I will never use these products again. I have learned my lesson! The pain was not worth the short tingling buzz, that I felt in my face and cheek bones from the Tobacco Dip.

"African Slaves (Note: not all slaves were Africans!) being transported to America to work in the Tobacco fields. Countless deaths occurred during the ship's transportation and lack of care for their slaves"

I've quit smoking cigarettes, but every now and then I vape them when I am bored or can't smoke. I experimented with trying dip / fine cut chewing tobacco. I tried it for about one month. I tried Copenhagen Wintergreen, Grizzly Wintergreen, and Hawken Wintergreen (my father's favorite back when he used dip). Personally my favorite brands are Grizzly and Hawken.
Grizzy is a fast burn buzz and then it generally goes bad after 10-20 minutes or so. Although the texture was very different, I enjoyed Hawken more because it has a very smooth long lasting flavor. I am talking one dip lasting close to 1 hour or so. I also tried those Snus packets from Camel, those flavors are cool. I like that it is a spitless tobacco. :) I had a good time trying it all but I quit for good and never got addicted. I don't want to stain my teeth or get mouth cancer and I got bored of it and began to feel it was pointless to do lol!

Here are few facts quoted/cited source from Wikipedia about Snus/Dip...

Addiction potential
"Smokeless tobacco contains nicotine, which is the primary reinforcing agent.
According to European Union policy, Scandinavian or some American smokeless tobaccos (specifically snus) are at least 90% less hazardous than cigarette smoking. However, the habit is still addictive. Taxation and restriction of smoking is causing more smokeless tobacco use as "substitution." There are active public health debates regarding risk-reduction for smokers and the reconsideration of smokeless tobacco risks. "...There is a substantial body of informed and independent opinion that sees the value of harm reduction strategies based on smokeless tobacco." Most of these studies are supported by the makers of smokeless tobacco."

Personally I do not judge people. It's your life and your choice what you choose to do. All I can say is that I suggest you don't do it or at least not for a long period of time. I recommend trying it for that "life experience" but honestly it's just not worth dying for...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Alien That Came As Quickly As He Vanished!

So yesterday, last night / morning from around 4:45am to 8:20am. I had a long lack of sleep due to my insomnia lately. Then I was lucky and blessed with a few short hours in which, I had a series of several dreams. Primarily nightmares, flowing through my mind from one dream to another! One dream in particular was extraordinary and I strongly feel I have to write this one down... I wish that I currently, have the ability and talent, to paint what I saw and sketch the alien life form. In a manner of how I exactly saw it in my dream... Unfortunately that portrait, will have to wait for another day. However I am currently working on a sketch!

Within my dream it was late at night, I had woken up in my bed and our house is exactly the way it is now. For some reason I felt compelled to go outside. So I left my room in the basement, walked through the hallway and then I opened the garage door. Then I walked outside, just a few feet from the door and our whole house. I gazed up at the night sky above... And what did I see? No... It wasn't stars or at least not a normal starry sky. Up above me I was astonished, glorified, and paralyzed as I viewed this night's sky. It was as if I was quite literally viewing a Nebula, another Galaxy, Or Solar system(s) up close and filling the entire sky. It was extremely gorgeous! I thought to myself... What is going on? Is this one of those extremely rare, once in a life time astronomical events, that the Government would deny and brush it off as "Swam Gas Reflecting Off of the Moon... Or some bullshit like that?"
This description does not give it any justice at all, but I will do my best! The entirety of the Nebula thing that was portrayed up in the night sky, resembled the shape of a Nautilus! All around there were several spheres or globes of light. Some were transparent and others were solid. What was I looking at? Let's just say... There were many lights!
I thought to myself, that this is an amazingly beautiful & gorgeous, once in life time event and I must take as many photos as possible! After I took many snapshots of the mysterious and lustrous event in night sky, I began to review them on my cellphone. Just hoping that they would capture the same beauty just as I was seeing it. I reviewed the photos... Then unexpectedly, I noticed a few disturbing photos of things in the sky. Things that I captured with this camera but could not see with the naked eye. Basically it was purplish and pinkish forms of lightning that covered and hid a majority of the Nautilus shaped Nebula in the sky. It was not in all of the photos, only a few. Each picture I had captured, it was different or as if it had been moving at speeds even faster than lightning! The best was I can describe it is... Within this pink and purplish lightning... There was a face! A disturbing face that looked stretched or displaced. Was I looking at a demon!? No... It was an alien race! As if traveling or beaming down (like in star trek) but in a much different manner. Only to be seen by the naked eye, if it wanted others to see it...
I was shocked! I didn't know what to say or do, or anything... Then I suddenly I heard something and instantly this demonic lightning burst out of the sky and came crashing down just a few meters away from me. If memory serves, there was a small crater with much smoke and debris. It's possible that, memory does not serve me and there was no debris at all. Just merely smoke or s stream of steam or fog like. all around where it had landed. The being began to walk forward to me. It was not so demonic or frightening as I had scene in the photo of the vertically stretched face. In fact there was a sense of malevolence and beauty from this alien being. From what I can remember and describe, it's shoulders were shaped with large spheres within them and had 1-2 spikes on each end. It's head was odd too. Was this an alien? Or some sort of robotic/metallic life protecting space suit? It came towards me, now it was standing within 10 feet from me. I was thinking... Has my dream come true? Finally am I going away with you? TAKE ME!!

But there was of course a inferior human side to my emotion/thought and I believed that this could be a once in a life time interaction. Mistakenly I decided to raise my cellphone camera at him and with the flash on, I took a few photos. He instantly shouted or roared at me and hid his face as if he didn't like what I was doing. Then just as quickly as he came, he vanished through a bolt of pink and purplish light. I fell backwards and dropped my phone as he left me... What have I done!?!?!? NO!!!! I'm sorry! Come back! I shouted... But then I don't know if this thought ran through my mind as a self-conscious thought of will or it was placed within my mind through telepathy by the alien being. But I began to know and feel and see him pushing buttons in his spacecraft (UFO). Where ever this U.F.O. was, I did not know but I knew it was above me. Rushing with much desire, out of the craft came 2-3 space probes or small pods. I don't know if they were robotic or manned by the aliens within. But they came and surrounded me. They were desperately following orders. They came not for me... But for my phone! It was all of the evidence and they had known. So they stole it from me and left.
Afterwards, I felt much sorrow and regret for what I had done. Will they ever come back? A mistake, that could never be taken back... They say a picture is worth 1,000 words; well this picture was worth 1,000 regrets! A mistake, made in the dream world to be remembered for the future? Only time will tell...

[Artwork Sketches of the Alien and the Nebula by David McKim will be here shortly!]

Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm Writing A Book... May God Have Mercy On My Soul !!

I've always been an author/writer at heart. It's a trait I've been blessed with and I enjoy it very much. Recently after discussing some paranormal events with my Mother, she told me I should write it down. Through out the years she has encouraged me and constantly told me to write my dreams down or to write my knowledge down for others. Several times I denied her, made excuses, and procrastinated not to write these things down... Why? Primarily for one reason. In fear of God and me writing / recording these events to be a sinful act against God. When I was young God, told me "Do not speak of these things to mankind, for as they are, they will not understand." So ever since, I had strongly believed it would be a sin if I said anything at all! Through out the years of growing up, I spoke out. I failed to listen to God and I learned that he was right! Often I was judged, doubted, and insulted for the words I spoke.

Recently I've had some extraordinary religious events occur in my life. Again I mentioned them to my Mother. As she is the one parent who listens and believes. Opposed to my father who may listen but obviously always doubts and shakes his head in ignorance/disbelief...

My Mother told me I should write a book and record it all. So that after I passed away, that mankind will know and learn from my experiences. Finally I listened and followed her advice. Yes... I may be committing a sin by doing so. But after much thought and pondering on the consequences of my actions, I've made a decision. For all I know, I may be wrong and I may not be committing any sins by sharing what I know.

"If sharing my personal paranormal life experiences with mankind, is a sin against God... Then so be it! I will gladly accept it and take what's coming to me, in order to spread the word of God and the truth to man. We deserve answers!" -David Scott McKim

Thus, I as of 10/19/2012 I have begun writing my first book. To summarize this book, I'd have to say it's primarily experiences I've had in my past life, my time in Heaven, my paranormal/demonic attacks and experiences from my current life.

Honestly, I don't care if anyone judges me for this! I don't care anymore and your judgements have no effect on me! Who are you to judge me? ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME!!! -Amen

This book is currently being handwritten by me (as I prefer writing by hand). It's quite easy and fast for me to write pages for this book because it is based on my memories. Memories that have been forever seared into my brain and soul. I only hope that I can accomplish my goal and publish this book for all of mankind, before that fateful day of ascension occurs... I aspire to teach and change the world as we know it. I pray that after reading my book, I can change and improve at least one life and save their soul. May God be with you!

Sincerely yours, from a modern day prophet of the Lord God.

-David Scott McKim

Monday, August 13, 2012

A Plan without Goals is only a Dream!

The key to success is knowledge, listening and learning from your elders in life!

Life doesn't come with a tutorial, but it does come with people! Your elders people are some of the best people to talk too. They've lived a much longer life than you. They've done their share of mistakes and regrets. I've always tried my best in life. Personally I am an observer. I learn from other people's mistakes and do my best not to repeat or do what them...

Don't get me wrong, no one is perfect! But obviously knowledge is power, so why not learn from your elders? Too many people these days are rebellious, ignorant, immature, stubborn, and quick to judge. I only wish they would open their eyes and see that they can easily improve their lives.

Lately I've been living life to the fullest. Granted it's been rough from time to time.... But I know God is always watching out for me and he's always got my back! I once again in the pursuit of not only happiness but self employed business. My talents, my heart and my life long dreams are all entrepreneur related. Which is interesting because of my family's past.... The McKim family line came to America as indentured servants until we were able to work off our debts... So we were basically slaves... Labor and hard work is in our blood! But I'm NO slave.... I'm the SLAVE DRIVER! hahahaha Bitch I'm the Boss! :D

I have several legitimate plans in the works that I am confident and certain they will pan out successful. I will keep you updated on these plans of mine soon. But let's just say, David Scott McKim is going Global! :D bitches I'm moving to the Philippines!


"We must stand together, or we will surely hang alone!"
- Benjamin Franklin

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