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Thursday, May 26, 2011

My 1st Blog Post...... Bitches I'm Online!!!

Hello World, I am David McKim and welcome to my blog. This is my first blog post here, I am not new to blogger but my old blog account is too old and I don't remember the login info lol. Anyways I am here to tell you that this blog is dedicated to my personal life, business entrepreneur life, as well as my gaming life experiences!

I hope that you will enjoy my life and what I have to offer the world, learn from me and my wisdom;  laugh, socialize, LIVE A LITTLE, and most importantly.... HAVE FUN!

*Chugs Miller Light Beer*

Mmm that hits the spot! Well guys I am going to watch some TV shows, maybe Sanctuary ep 17 of the current season, 3 is it?... Anyways... I am gonna watch some shows, smoke, drink, and have a little fun tonight! Who knows maybe I will throw more video games / items up onto my eBay Store at S Rank Games Store or perhaps I'll finish setting up the MySQL and PHP installs to my personal web server that I recently built  for my future websites / businesses! Such websites atm are: and

-David S. McKim

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