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Friday, December 23, 2011

Ball Pythons... A Blessing and a Curse!

About two weeks ago I was opening my ball python and turtle's cage. We now have three ball pythons, because we are watching over two of my uncle's; while he looks for a new ppace to live. My python has always been the most aggressive of the three. I opened the cage and stuck my hand in to reposition some of the beetle corpses, in hopes of my turtle finishing his meal. At this time it had been 3 weeks since we've last fed the snakes live medium-sized rats. I had noticed my snake giving me that odd look like, could this hand be food? So I nudged his head with my hand, so that he would know it was me. I saw him retreat in fear and I proceeded with picking up and piling the big black wood beetle exoskeletons. My snake glanced back at my fingers and then out of no where he struck me!!!

I wish I could have had some pics taken while he was fucking biting me... But that was too painful for me and ridiculous haha. He literally caused me to start going into and experiencing shock!!

I was like, ok he is biting me and not letting go... I can deal with this. But then he started to crunch down and bite even harder and harder. I couldn't unwrap him very well. The pain just kept getting worse. So in a pissed off moment of desperation I grabbed his head with my left hand and squeezed his jaws inward. I kept thinking what If he dies or I hurt him too much, then I heard his jaw bone crack and I was like OMG NO!!!

But even that didn't phase him and he just wouldn't for the life of me let my hand GO! I had my father come into the kitchen to help me. He tried unwrapping him by his tail because he fully coiled around my hand and arm. It was difficult but he was still wrapped a little bit and began to coil around my fathers arms too. Then I am like FUCK! I thought maybe we should run him under the faucet and have the water run into his mouth and nose to get him to stop... That didn't work. My father tried to use his fingers to pry him off of biting me. It only hurt me worse and made him bite me even harder! I suggested to my father, grab the chopsticks and pry his mouth open!!

It was rough but it started to work. I cried out in pain as the snake's teeth that were dug into my thumb knuckle and hand began to tear. The flesh was ripping as we tried to remove him. FUCK! NO NO NO!!!! It's tearing my skin! Blood was dripping from my hand and landing on the ball python's belly. Finally through time, perseverance, struggling to break free; we finally got him to release his mighty Titan's Grip!


I then took photos of the damage and bruising. Although it didn't turn out too well, I assure you, it was far more gruesomely painful that it looks!

We both said, "We need to buy mice!"


I can remember afterwards my body trembling and the shock feeling. I couldn't stop from shaking for like 30-60 minutes or so. It was a traumatic experience, but an interesting addition to my evening... Never again!...


  1. Ummmm...I would be saying....need to get rid of a snake...not I need to get some mice! LOL Just saying....

    1. LMAO! ^__^; My apologies for the late reply. Oh and Kay, I am having some Facebook issues... So please re-add me as a friend on FB!

  2. Well cuz you should have knew that he hasnt had anything to eat so yes 1 out 0f 10 are gonna strike or bite what ever gets in the gage or who ever was sticking ther hand in the cage you should have known better lol but I love you and uncle steve stay safe for christmas and have a happy new year and dont forget when a snake hasnt had his feedings dont stick your hand or fingers in the cage drop it a mouse lol bridgett

  3. You're a pansy and an idiot. If you couldn't stand the "pain" of a ball python bite, you've obviously lived a very pampered existence and haven't experienced much REAL pain. Man up. Also, you're a fool for trying to pry his mouth open. You could have hurt him, and all he was trying to do was eat. When a ball latches on, you run his head under running water or some type of alcohol. You can even submerge his head in water and he'll nearly instantly let go. You should not be a snake owner.


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