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Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm Writing A Book... May God Have Mercy On My Soul !!

I've always been an author/writer at heart. It's a trait I've been blessed with and I enjoy it very much. Recently after discussing some paranormal events with my Mother, she told me I should write it down. Through out the years she has encouraged me and constantly told me to write my dreams down or to write my knowledge down for others. Several times I denied her, made excuses, and procrastinated not to write these things down... Why? Primarily for one reason. In fear of God and me writing / recording these events to be a sinful act against God. When I was young God, told me "Do not speak of these things to mankind, for as they are, they will not understand." So ever since, I had strongly believed it would be a sin if I said anything at all! Through out the years of growing up, I spoke out. I failed to listen to God and I learned that he was right! Often I was judged, doubted, and insulted for the words I spoke.

Recently I've had some extraordinary religious events occur in my life. Again I mentioned them to my Mother. As she is the one parent who listens and believes. Opposed to my father who may listen but obviously always doubts and shakes his head in ignorance/disbelief...

My Mother told me I should write a book and record it all. So that after I passed away, that mankind will know and learn from my experiences. Finally I listened and followed her advice. Yes... I may be committing a sin by doing so. But after much thought and pondering on the consequences of my actions, I've made a decision. For all I know, I may be wrong and I may not be committing any sins by sharing what I know.

"If sharing my personal paranormal life experiences with mankind, is a sin against God... Then so be it! I will gladly accept it and take what's coming to me, in order to spread the word of God and the truth to man. We deserve answers!" -David Scott McKim

Thus, I as of 10/19/2012 I have begun writing my first book. To summarize this book, I'd have to say it's primarily experiences I've had in my past life, my time in Heaven, my paranormal/demonic attacks and experiences from my current life.

Honestly, I don't care if anyone judges me for this! I don't care anymore and your judgements have no effect on me! Who are you to judge me? ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME!!! -Amen

This book is currently being handwritten by me (as I prefer writing by hand). It's quite easy and fast for me to write pages for this book because it is based on my memories. Memories that have been forever seared into my brain and soul. I only hope that I can accomplish my goal and publish this book for all of mankind, before that fateful day of ascension occurs... I aspire to teach and change the world as we know it. I pray that after reading my book, I can change and improve at least one life and save their soul. May God be with you!

Sincerely yours, from a modern day prophet of the Lord God.

-David Scott McKim


  1. Have you started your book?

    1. Yes! I have been writing this book often on a daily/weekly basis. :) Are you looking forward to reading it?

  2. This goes out to everyone whom may think I am scamming or just looking to make a quick dollar. My voice and message is clear. I have lived before this current life. Money has no value to me whatsoever. All that matters is my faith in God, his love, and food & shelter for my loved ones. To that I say, when my writings have been collaborated into a book, more than likely this information will be available to the public for free. And likely to be more economically affordable to read than your average Bible found in public for sale. LOL! As I've said, I am not interested in profiteering. Money? hah! You can't take that with you when you die. And I know more lonely, miserable, and sad rich folks than I do poor. People from poverty get the true life experience and they always find ways to live happy lives :) To all of my fellow Christians, word up! May your God's blessing's be with you always! I wish you peace and long life. "Live long and prosper!" -Spock (Star Trek)


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