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Friday, December 23, 2011

Ball Pythons... A Blessing and a Curse!

About two weeks ago I was opening my ball python and turtle's cage. We now have three ball pythons, because we are watching over two of my uncle's; while he looks for a new ppace to live. My python has always been the most aggressive of the three. I opened the cage and stuck my hand in to reposition some of the beetle corpses, in hopes of my turtle finishing his meal. At this time it had been 3 weeks since we've last fed the snakes live medium-sized rats. I had noticed my snake giving me that odd look like, could this hand be food? So I nudged his head with my hand, so that he would know it was me. I saw him retreat in fear and I proceeded with picking up and piling the big black wood beetle exoskeletons. My snake glanced back at my fingers and then out of no where he struck me!!!

I wish I could have had some pics taken while he was fucking biting me... But that was too painful for me and ridiculous haha. He literally caused me to start going into and experiencing shock!!

I was like, ok he is biting me and not letting go... I can deal with this. But then he started to crunch down and bite even harder and harder. I couldn't unwrap him very well. The pain just kept getting worse. So in a pissed off moment of desperation I grabbed his head with my left hand and squeezed his jaws inward. I kept thinking what If he dies or I hurt him too much, then I heard his jaw bone crack and I was like OMG NO!!!

But even that didn't phase him and he just wouldn't for the life of me let my hand GO! I had my father come into the kitchen to help me. He tried unwrapping him by his tail because he fully coiled around my hand and arm. It was difficult but he was still wrapped a little bit and began to coil around my fathers arms too. Then I am like FUCK! I thought maybe we should run him under the faucet and have the water run into his mouth and nose to get him to stop... That didn't work. My father tried to use his fingers to pry him off of biting me. It only hurt me worse and made him bite me even harder! I suggested to my father, grab the chopsticks and pry his mouth open!!

It was rough but it started to work. I cried out in pain as the snake's teeth that were dug into my thumb knuckle and hand began to tear. The flesh was ripping as we tried to remove him. FUCK! NO NO NO!!!! It's tearing my skin! Blood was dripping from my hand and landing on the ball python's belly. Finally through time, perseverance, struggling to break free; we finally got him to release his mighty Titan's Grip!


I then took photos of the damage and bruising. Although it didn't turn out too well, I assure you, it was far more gruesomely painful that it looks!

We both said, "We need to buy mice!"


I can remember afterwards my body trembling and the shock feeling. I couldn't stop from shaking for like 30-60 minutes or so. It was a traumatic experience, but an interesting addition to my evening... Never again!...

Friday, November 11, 2011

Scream Your Arse OFF!!!

Geeze it's been about a month now since my last blog post... As you may noticed, I am not used to maintaining my blog on a daily basis just yet. But I can promise you that this will change!

Around Halloween I watched all four of the Scream movies again. I just can't get enough of this series. The killer is great because he isn't just one single person, but instead, he is more like a symbol that lives on forever! Like that of a super hero, Scream makes for the perfect murderer/villain. In general I guess you could say I've memorized the basics of each volume's plot. However with time, smoke, and a well written suspense script; I generally end up being surprised by whom the real killer is by the end of each Scream Movie. I freaking love it!

I've always loved the Horror genre even though, I've never really been scared by any of the films. I find suspense to be one of the best forms of fear for the audience. Many movies today and in the past, fail because they focus too much on senseless and over-exaggerated gore. I've seen "A Nightmare on Elm Street 1" recently and I've already watched some of the "Halloween Collection". But I've never seen anything with Jason. I am looking forward to catching up and watching some of these classic horror films.

As many of you know, I've been quite busy lately. I've been writing and sketching for this online novel of mine. I hope that my hard work pays off and all of you enjoy this interesting series I've created. It will be a mix between a manga like / comic book as well as a written piece of literature. I haven't fully decided yet on the publishing order of my content, if it will be one page written & one page sketched every other page. That's how I originally wanted it, but lately I've been thinking it may change at random due to what's happening in the story. Some of the action scenes I may want to sketch or portray in a visual format and vice versa for the written form. Nonetheless it will be quite a unique format of literature like you've never seen before!

I'd appreciate it if someone could suggest their top 3 favorite/best Horror Films of all time.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Jail Cell Bedroom No More!!

Rocket Man!

So yet again I've been having restless sleep nights. I feel that it is starting to die down "Thank God", but if it continues I am most definitely informing my Doctor. For if this shit continues I will lose my mind of lack of sleep. 

Today I will be helping my father paint one of larger bedrooms in our unfinished basement. We've been slowly but surely working together to complete and furnish the basement. So far we have completed my future bedroom and the closet. Next we will be working on the hallway and the bathroom and then the other room which may become an office, guest room, or party room of some kind.

Once the paint dries tomorrow or so I will be moving all of my stuff into my new room in the basement. My current room that I am staying in, is my old jail cell of a bedroom. It's small, cramped, and full of carpets stains and dings on the wall from previous years and people whom have lived in it. I can't wait to fucking move out of this small room because initially the basement room was supposed to originally be mine and completed over 7 years ago. It just never happened though.

Don't give me shit about moving out either lol! I've already done that and had my very own apartment out in Tucson, Arizona. I am only staying here in my old house with my father temporarily. I am here in Georgia currently just as a get away and to visit my family for a year or so then I am moving back to Arizona to complete my college tuition and attend a University and possibly live in the dorms! I am looking forward for the whole "college experience". 

I am currently drinking a budlight 16oz can and will be smoking a grape flavored cigar for the first time. LMAO don't judge me haha. I've had cigars before, but this is my first time trying a flavored one and grape is all that the store had. I'am watching South Park episode 40 "Jewbilee" atm. I am working on going through the South Park Seasons from start to finish for the third or fourth time now lol. I freaking love this show and wish they had more new episodes, more frequently than they are being released. 

I am also working on starting my very own Vlog or Video Blog. I will be continuing this blog as well, because I enjoy writing. However I am starting a Vlog for other reasons. I hope that you will all "follow" me on the net and that you enjoy my content entries to come. 

Take care and God Bless!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fire Bitch and Elemental Pudding

Starbuck Plays As Bitch Pudding on Robot Chicken!

Well it would seem that last night was yet another restless night. Although I did have some good sleep prior. Not to mention some freakin sweet ass dreams! I had two dreams in a row dealing with me being able to control and create physical manifestations of the elements. Particularly in the first dream my prime ability that I had the best control over and was focusing to learn first was over fire!

With a flick of my fingers I could light my thumbs on fire as if they were cigarette lighters. Oddly enough there were others who had abilities like mine and other elements were their primes. There were a few different abilities and oddly enough this is a bit hard to explain but they were both Pokemon cards and Nintendo Video Games. I know this sounds crazy but the Pokemon cards ie energy cards seemed to have something to do with our powers or what element we could control. While the video games we played depicted the different abilities that we could perform. Like that of the old Nintendo Konami Code: Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right, B, A, SELECT, Start. Instead of mashing buttons I had to literally dance or move my body in certain orders to perform certain abilities. I could only hold the fire on my thumbs for a certain amount of time though. It was a lot longer than someone just burning their thumbs though. But after a minute or so it began to hurt and burn myself not to mention make me feel drained of energy and tired if I did it too much. However I did notice in my dream that with practice, I could improve this fire stamina of mine.

I recall being in some sort of middle or high school and it was all out of wack kind of like a nightmare. People of each element grouped up. It felt like I was on my own and the Earth and Water elements were looking to put my flame out! I was running through a water filled area of the school trying to stay alive, flaming up cameras, and kicking some ass! I don't remember all of the details but later on at a party I even experienced Dream Memories. There was a photograph of "The Ghetto Man's Pyramid" and it was a memory to me because I had already witnessed it in an email or online. Yet even though this memory only existed to me in my dream I felt it was my own. At this party I even got to witness the Ghetto Pyramid and it was something semi large but literally in the back yard of some Mexican's house!

At this party I began to learn the more difficult ability such as boosting my stats / flames / run speed and I even began to learn how to shoot flames straight up into the air above me!

The second dream that had relevance to the first wasn't as cool. The difference was instead of having cards or games, the abilities came to me through pill form as a vitamin or common drug. It was quite odd, but still a good dream because I got to see some of my family members, including my deceased Grandfather Lee Roy Michaels. Hell I even remember the pills added effect in my dream. It gave me a high like that of marijuana but most people just thought I was drunk because it was also a little bit like being drunk! Like I said these dreams were pretty weird, but I can't complain because I hadn't dreamt in quite awhile and controlling the elements like I did was FUCKING AMAZING and fun as hell!

Oh yes and I did finish watching the Battlestar Galactica Series. It surprised me in those last few episodes. They were a lot better than I had expected and a lot of my questions got answered. Although when I was watching the ending of the last episode, it felt like it would never fucking end; I enjoyed how they added the twist to modern day events. Although I still have a few unanswered questions... Kara Thrace must be either some sort of spirit, angel, or the devil... They go on and on talking about how Starbuck is The Harbinger of Death and she turns out to be the one saving the entire human race. She vanishes into thin air at the end leaving only mystery. WTF is she? Will she return? And what the fuck is Gaius and Number Six's thoughts of each other that they could each see? Fucking angels? WTF!?!?!

Anyways, I am going to watch the movie Battlestar Galactica: Razor and then watch Caprica. I hope Caprica is even better than Battlestar Galactica!

Later guys,


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Cylons are coming!!

Lately I've been watching a lot of Battlestar Galactica. I am two episodes away from finishing the entire series of the remade version of the show (not the old 1978 one.) I rather enjoy this show, it a good scifi fantasy drama. Although somewhere down the line it begins to get a little slow and full of way too much politics and little to no Starship battles or even encounters with ANY Cylons... They wanted to portray the post apocalyptic world of the civilians a little too much if you ask me. The gaudy political game was of little interest, but somehow the hook kept reeling me in. I am looking forward to some answers although I find it a little hard for them to come to an adequate conclusion. I eager to finish watching then next couple episodes, but I fear that the show may have been cancelled and I will be severely let down. I will input my thoughts further after the show.

Lately it's been very hard for me to sleep let alone dream. Although recently I've had a couple dreams and last night included Cylons! Interestingly enough my dream rolled like that of a movie. I even think I was one of those human-like Cylons. Unfortunately I can hardly remember the entirety of the dream and I only remember bits and pieces of this movie. Oh the irony! I am thrilled to mention that in this dream I owned a bitchin' black crotch rocket motorcycle. I was even driving it with skill illegally as in the dream (like that of real life) I do not have my Motorcycle license yet. I am working on getting it though within the year because I plan on buying a nice bike! In this dream it was as if I was some sort of action hero criminal. I took many risks, on my life, with others, and the law. It was a thrilling dream and I wish I could remember everything that had happened to me.  Perhaps the symbolism of the dream is to show my eagerness for my future motorcycle. Possibly even to show my impatience towards my future. Times are rough and I am working on bettering my life, saving money, and preparing for the future place I'd like to live. California here I come!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My 1st Blog Post...... Bitches I'm Online!!!

Hello World, I am David McKim and welcome to my blog. This is my first blog post here, I am not new to blogger but my old blog account is too old and I don't remember the login info lol. Anyways I am here to tell you that this blog is dedicated to my personal life, business entrepreneur life, as well as my gaming life experiences!

I hope that you will enjoy my life and what I have to offer the world, learn from me and my wisdom;  laugh, socialize, LIVE A LITTLE, and most importantly.... HAVE FUN!

*Chugs Miller Light Beer*

Mmm that hits the spot! Well guys I am going to watch some TV shows, maybe Sanctuary ep 17 of the current season, 3 is it?... Anyways... I am gonna watch some shows, smoke, drink, and have a little fun tonight! Who knows maybe I will throw more video games / items up onto my eBay Store at S Rank Games Store or perhaps I'll finish setting up the MySQL and PHP installs to my personal web server that I recently built  for my future websites / businesses! Such websites atm are: and

-David S. McKim

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