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Friday, November 11, 2011

Scream Your Arse OFF!!!

Geeze it's been about a month now since my last blog post... As you may noticed, I am not used to maintaining my blog on a daily basis just yet. But I can promise you that this will change!

Around Halloween I watched all four of the Scream movies again. I just can't get enough of this series. The killer is great because he isn't just one single person, but instead, he is more like a symbol that lives on forever! Like that of a super hero, Scream makes for the perfect murderer/villain. In general I guess you could say I've memorized the basics of each volume's plot. However with time, smoke, and a well written suspense script; I generally end up being surprised by whom the real killer is by the end of each Scream Movie. I freaking love it!

I've always loved the Horror genre even though, I've never really been scared by any of the films. I find suspense to be one of the best forms of fear for the audience. Many movies today and in the past, fail because they focus too much on senseless and over-exaggerated gore. I've seen "A Nightmare on Elm Street 1" recently and I've already watched some of the "Halloween Collection". But I've never seen anything with Jason. I am looking forward to catching up and watching some of these classic horror films.

As many of you know, I've been quite busy lately. I've been writing and sketching for this online novel of mine. I hope that my hard work pays off and all of you enjoy this interesting series I've created. It will be a mix between a manga like / comic book as well as a written piece of literature. I haven't fully decided yet on the publishing order of my content, if it will be one page written & one page sketched every other page. That's how I originally wanted it, but lately I've been thinking it may change at random due to what's happening in the story. Some of the action scenes I may want to sketch or portray in a visual format and vice versa for the written form. Nonetheless it will be quite a unique format of literature like you've never seen before!

I'd appreciate it if someone could suggest their top 3 favorite/best Horror Films of all time.

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