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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Alien That Came As Quickly As He Vanished!

So yesterday, last night / morning from around 4:45am to 8:20am. I had a long lack of sleep due to my insomnia lately. Then I was lucky and blessed with a few short hours in which, I had a series of several dreams. Primarily nightmares, flowing through my mind from one dream to another! One dream in particular was extraordinary and I strongly feel I have to write this one down... I wish that I currently, have the ability and talent, to paint what I saw and sketch the alien life form. In a manner of how I exactly saw it in my dream... Unfortunately that portrait, will have to wait for another day. However I am currently working on a sketch!

Within my dream it was late at night, I had woken up in my bed and our house is exactly the way it is now. For some reason I felt compelled to go outside. So I left my room in the basement, walked through the hallway and then I opened the garage door. Then I walked outside, just a few feet from the door and our whole house. I gazed up at the night sky above... And what did I see? No... It wasn't stars or at least not a normal starry sky. Up above me I was astonished, glorified, and paralyzed as I viewed this night's sky. It was as if I was quite literally viewing a Nebula, another Galaxy, Or Solar system(s) up close and filling the entire sky. It was extremely gorgeous! I thought to myself... What is going on? Is this one of those extremely rare, once in a life time astronomical events, that the Government would deny and brush it off as "Swam Gas Reflecting Off of the Moon... Or some bullshit like that?"
This description does not give it any justice at all, but I will do my best! The entirety of the Nebula thing that was portrayed up in the night sky, resembled the shape of a Nautilus! All around there were several spheres or globes of light. Some were transparent and others were solid. What was I looking at? Let's just say... There were many lights!
I thought to myself, that this is an amazingly beautiful & gorgeous, once in life time event and I must take as many photos as possible! After I took many snapshots of the mysterious and lustrous event in night sky, I began to review them on my cellphone. Just hoping that they would capture the same beauty just as I was seeing it. I reviewed the photos... Then unexpectedly, I noticed a few disturbing photos of things in the sky. Things that I captured with this camera but could not see with the naked eye. Basically it was purplish and pinkish forms of lightning that covered and hid a majority of the Nautilus shaped Nebula in the sky. It was not in all of the photos, only a few. Each picture I had captured, it was different or as if it had been moving at speeds even faster than lightning! The best was I can describe it is... Within this pink and purplish lightning... There was a face! A disturbing face that looked stretched or displaced. Was I looking at a demon!? No... It was an alien race! As if traveling or beaming down (like in star trek) but in a much different manner. Only to be seen by the naked eye, if it wanted others to see it...
I was shocked! I didn't know what to say or do, or anything... Then I suddenly I heard something and instantly this demonic lightning burst out of the sky and came crashing down just a few meters away from me. If memory serves, there was a small crater with much smoke and debris. It's possible that, memory does not serve me and there was no debris at all. Just merely smoke or s stream of steam or fog like. all around where it had landed. The being began to walk forward to me. It was not so demonic or frightening as I had scene in the photo of the vertically stretched face. In fact there was a sense of malevolence and beauty from this alien being. From what I can remember and describe, it's shoulders were shaped with large spheres within them and had 1-2 spikes on each end. It's head was odd too. Was this an alien? Or some sort of robotic/metallic life protecting space suit? It came towards me, now it was standing within 10 feet from me. I was thinking... Has my dream come true? Finally am I going away with you? TAKE ME!!

But there was of course a inferior human side to my emotion/thought and I believed that this could be a once in a life time interaction. Mistakenly I decided to raise my cellphone camera at him and with the flash on, I took a few photos. He instantly shouted or roared at me and hid his face as if he didn't like what I was doing. Then just as quickly as he came, he vanished through a bolt of pink and purplish light. I fell backwards and dropped my phone as he left me... What have I done!?!?!? NO!!!! I'm sorry! Come back! I shouted... But then I don't know if this thought ran through my mind as a self-conscious thought of will or it was placed within my mind through telepathy by the alien being. But I began to know and feel and see him pushing buttons in his spacecraft (UFO). Where ever this U.F.O. was, I did not know but I knew it was above me. Rushing with much desire, out of the craft came 2-3 space probes or small pods. I don't know if they were robotic or manned by the aliens within. But they came and surrounded me. They were desperately following orders. They came not for me... But for my phone! It was all of the evidence and they had known. So they stole it from me and left.
Afterwards, I felt much sorrow and regret for what I had done. Will they ever come back? A mistake, that could never be taken back... They say a picture is worth 1,000 words; well this picture was worth 1,000 regrets! A mistake, made in the dream world to be remembered for the future? Only time will tell...

[Artwork Sketches of the Alien and the Nebula by David McKim will be here shortly!]

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